Interesting Article on Equal Parenting

Many states are contemplating bills that would have equal possession and access for parents of children in a divorce. This is known in Texas as “split custody.” The Texas Legislature shot down a bill introducing it this past session.

Nevertheless, it has gained in popularity, and this article has some interesting statistics.

Equal Parenting Studies and Statisics

Anne E. Kennedy WINS case in Federal Court. Client is ordered to have a Bond Hearing on her release from Immigration Detention.

Today, the Hon. Gray Miller, a federal judge in Houston, granted a writ of habeas Corpus and ordered that the Immigration Judge should set a hearing to give a bond to one of Ms. Kennedy’s clients. The client is from Mexico. She has been in the US with a green card for 30 years. She has been in jail for almost 1 year due to an old crime that is 10 years old now.

In February 2016, Client was coming back from Mexico. She was detained by ICE based on this old conviction. She has been in jail almost a year, and the IMmigration Judge is now ordered to give her a bond hearing!!!

Law Office of Anne E. Kennedy sponsors 2017 Gingerbread Build-Off in Houston!

My law office was proud to sponsor the AIA Houston Gingerbread Build Off this year. We celebrated Houston Strong with a tribute to the Astros and the beloved We ❤️ Houston sign.

Family law (child support, divorce, child custody) and Immigration law (green card, deportation, bond, naturalization) are really important, but supporting the community is something I really believe in with my firm. It was really neat to see all of the high school competitors as well as local architects and other businesses.

ICE backlog of 550,000 to be deported

It’s no secret to immigration practitioners that there is and has been for a while, a tremendously growing backlog of those to be deported. It sounds good in sound bytes to say the US is going to deport illegals and “clean up the block,” etc. but the reality is that Immigration Courts are backlogged. There are thousands of cases. Overcrowding in detention. Mandatory detention has not helped. The number just released is 550,000 across the nation. Boggling!

Massive backlog of Deportation

Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban

It is not an utter catastrophe, but citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen will be scrutinized on a case by case basis to enter the company with the US Government reviews the screening processes for these countries.

It is fair to disagree with the policy, but not fair or wise, in my opinion to say, “it’s just hate.” That’s a good sound byte but not a good method of attack. It’s better to recognize what the goal is: to review the vetting process for countries that have closed borders to the US and don’t allow us in. Again, fair to disagree, but to not acknowledge the rationale doesn’t make sense.

US Supreme Court upholds travel ban

State CHIP programs could lose funding

Sept 30 was a deadline for Congress to extend funding for the state CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Plan, plans. No action was taken, so funding could be cut.

Texas has some money, but Hurricane Harvey drained it since enrollment fees and premiums were waived for many:

Texas plans to notify families in January that the program could end. Funding problems there were exacerbated by Hurricane Harvey because the state asked the federal government that it be allowed to waive co-pays and enrollment fees for CHIP children in counties declared disaster areas. With less money coming in, funds could be exhausted even sooner than the state first projected, according to Christine Mann, spokeswoman for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

From the Washington Post, State CHIP plans in trouble