State CHIP programs could lose funding

Sept 30 was a deadline for Congress to extend funding for the state CHIP – Children’s Health Insurance Plan, plans. No action was taken, so funding could be cut.

Texas has some money, but Hurricane Harvey drained it since enrollment fees and premiums were waived for many:

Texas plans to notify families in January that the program could end. Funding problems there were exacerbated by Hurricane Harvey because the state asked the federal government that it be allowed to waive co-pays and enrollment fees for CHIP children in counties declared disaster areas. With less money coming in, funds could be exhausted even sooner than the state first projected, according to Christine Mann, spokeswoman for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

From the Washington Post, State CHIP plans in trouble

TPS: Eligible for Green Card in 6th and 9th Circuit

TPS is also known as Temporary Protected Status. It has been given to certain countries that suffer natural disasters, causing thousands to flee.

In 2001, Hurricane Mitch devastated Central America. Refugees from El Salvador and Honduras came to the US. Nearly 20 years later, thousands remain. They have integrated to US society. They have children, spouses, jobs and lives here.

In a correct decision, the 6th and 9th Circuits of the US Courts of Appeal have held that TPS holders can apply for marriage-based adjustment of status.

This means that those in: Ohio, KY, TN and MI (6th Circuit) and CA, AZ, NV, HI, AK, MT, OR, WA, and ID (9th Circuit) can apply for a green card without leaving the US, without filing for an I-601 waiver or I-601a waiver.

It’s a GREAT decision and I hope the 5th Circuit, where TX is, will follow suit.

6th and 9th Circuit TPS can file for green cards INSIDE the US

Thank you, Univision!

My brave client, Jessica Angel, is fighting an illegal detention by ICE.

After 30 years of LEGAL residence in the US, the Government is trying to deport her due to a crime 10 years ago. She has agreed to go to Mexico voluntarily, but the Government now demands she take an order of deportation. This would deny her the ability to visit her US Citizen son for 10 years.

With a year in jail while an appeal is fought, I️ have filed a writ in federal court arguing that it is cruel and unusual punishment. I️ am trying to get her freedom from jail as soon as possible.

Thank you, Univision for helping us fight!

Univision Interview of Anne E. Kennedy

Reality: Not as bad as claimed. DHS is losing more agents than gaining.

Often things are not as bad as it seems in the news. President Trump is not EVIL. But he has drawn his line in the sand, and it is against those aliens who have been deported and entered illegally and those aliens that have committed crimes.

With that said, however, there still remain many, if not more, folks to help an alien rehabilitate or testify favorably if in deportation or needing a bond from immigration.

DHS is not getting enough agents to help do the job. They are understaffed, and that can be to an aliens advantage.

Reality: DHS is losing more agents than can hire

DHS ends TPS status for Nicaragua

Effective January 2019, TPS is ending for Nicaragua.

TPS = Temporary Protected Status. It is a special program granted to certain countries after a natural disaster. Haiti received it after the earthquakes. Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras received it almost 20 years ago, after Hurricane Mitch.

The Trump Administration is now saying that the TPS programs should end in favor of more permanent solutions. However, it could mean a lot more deportation / removal cases if the alien entered the US illegally.

DHS Announces End of TPS for Nicaragua

Angelina Gooden Appointed to 280th Judicial District Court

Texas Governor Abbott appointed Angelina Gooden to the 280th Judicial District Court in Houston, Harris County.

The 280th Court is a family court, but it hears only domestic violence protective orders. There has been talk of sending divorces to that Court if the parties have applied for domestic violence protective orders, but concerns of impermissible “forum shopping” have kept it from happening. In other words, you don’t want people filing frivolous protective order applications just to get into the Court and vice versa.

The 280th seat is up for election in 2018. Ms. Gooden has announced her candidacy. She has been practicing family law in Houston for 20 years. Other candidates include George Klevenger and Beth Barron, the DA who prosecutes protective order applications.

Gov. Abbott Appoints Angelina Gooden to 280th Court

TPS Fact Sheet

The American Immigration Council has published a fact sheet on current TPS figures.

AIC TPS Fact Sheet

“As of August 2017, an estimated 325,000 TPS beneficiaries live in the United States. More than 90 percent of individuals with TPS are nationals of El Salvador (195,000), Honduras (57,000), or Haiti (50,000). The remaining beneficiaries come from Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. This fact sheet provides information about TPS holders from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti.”

Most immigrants in TPS status have been here for many years, have jobs, and US citizen spouses or children. No immigrant can have a serious criminal conviction. It is time for this limbo (non) status to have some way to gain actual status.