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  • Do I really need a lawyer?

    Anne prizes integrity and is very honest. Some legal matters may be able to be handled all on your own or with very minimal guidance, and she will not hide that from you.

    However, if you have been sued, or a protective order has been sought against you, or you have been charged with a crime, or have a case with serious immigration issues, you need a lawyer.

    Federal and state prosecutors are trained lawyers and their job is to punish you. Often they will seek harsh punishments, even for first time offenders, and trying to go it alone or without the right counsel can be damaging to you. If you are involved in a civil dispute, or are forming a business, buying a piece of property, dealing with a governmental agency such as the USCIS or Department of Homeland Security, consulting a lawyer is also a very good idea.

    Having a lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights, is to your advantage.

  • How are your fees charged?

    Fees are set on a case by case basis because the facts and circumstances of each case vary. Usually Anne will meet with a client to make an initial assessment of the Client’s needs and give them a free consultation. The decision to hire her, and for what purpose is then made by you, the Client.

    Civil cases are usually set on an hourly or a “contingent” fee, depending on the case, the time and effort required, and whether you are a plaintiff or a defendant. In an hourly fee situation, a client pays the lawyer a set rate per hour of legal services expended. A contingency fee is where the lawyer takes a percentage of any eventual recovery. Some cases may be worked on a “blended” fee agreement, where the lawyer charges a reduced hourly rate and takes a smaller percentage of any recovery.

    Criminal cases are usually handled on a flat rate, often involving a certain price for legal services done before trial, and separate costs for trial and/or appeal.

    Family, Immigration, Transactional Matters, and Professional Opinions will be either hourly or sometimes on a flat rate, depending on the nature of the case.

    Expenses are separate from legal fees and may include such things as charges by the Court to file a lawsuit, charges for travel or postage, or to retain an expert witness or conduct investigation of your case. Expenses may be paid directly by the Client or through the attorney depending on the nature of the case.

Useful Links & Resources


US District and Bankruptcy Courts for the Southern Division of Texas, Houston Division
US Immigration Court
Texas Supreme Court (Explaining the Different Courts in Texas)
Harris County District Courts (Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, Family, Drug Courts)
Harris County Courts At Law (Civil, Misdemeanors, Small Claims, Probate)
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Brazoria County District Courts (Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, Family, Drug)
Brazoria County Courts At Law (Civil, Misdemeanors, Small Claims, Probate)
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State and Federal Agencies:

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
Harris County Sheriff's Office
Harris County Children's Protective Services
Texas Attorney General - Child Support
Texas Secretary of State
Texas Juvenile Justice System

Texas Law:

Texas Constitution, Penal Code, and Statutes
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Texas Rules of Evidence


State Bar of Texas
Houston Bar Association
American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

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